Addiction and Mental Health Treatment in Beachwood, OH, Cleveland, and Throughout Ohio


Mental health and addiction recovery is an arduous undertaking. The physical and emotional effects of withdrawal, the lifestyle changes that come with a change in habit, and the self-confidence that may need to be rebuilt — these things and more can make addiction recovery challenging.

Concierge Treatment Centers offer mental health and addiction treatment to Ohioans either in-office or via telemedicine from your smart phone or computer. 

You don’t have to tackle it alone. Concierge Treatment Centers of Ohio offers behavioral health and addiction treatment services in Beachwood, Cleveland, and throughout Ohio.

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Our Services

Addiction is much more than just a habit, and addiction recovery is much more than just ending the habit. Whether the addiction is to alcohol, nicotine, or opiates, addiction treatment is a difficult process that has far-reaching effects. We treat addictions through the following methods:

  • Psychiatric: Through comprehensive and confidential psychiatric treatment, we help individuals with addictions understand their addictions, work through their emotions, and develop healthy coping techniques.
  • Medicinal: Proper medication is key to addressing the underlying conditions that can contribute to addiction and to dealing with the lasting effects of addiction.
  • Telemedicine: In addition to in-office treatment, we can meet with patients via telemedicine in order to accommodate their schedules and lifestyles.

Comprehensive addiction treatment is essential to those looking to end the addiction, repair the damage, and move forward with their lives. We know that addiction recovery doesn’t always require abstinence, and our treatments are meant to help individuals reign in their habits instead of eliminating them entirely.

Our Experience

Laurie Mandel is a family and psychiatric nurse practitioner with over 20 years of experience treating adults of all ages. She specializes in the treatment of mental health and addiction disorders.  

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction; if your life is unmanageable and you need help now — contact Laurie Mandel at (216) 505-4900 for your complementary, confidential telephone evaluation.